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End Of Watch

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

Het leven van een politieman in LA is keihard. Elke dag zet die zijn of haar leven op het spel. Dat blijkt nog maar eens in de politiefilm End of WatchDavid Sardy zorg voor een sterke muzikale omkadering. Sardy is binnen de muziekwereld bekend van zijn werk met Helmet, Orange 9mm, Cop Shoot Cop en Oasis. Hoe ziet hij zichzelf binnen die filmindustrie?

“Basically, I’m a musician who became a producer because I was really into how an idea can be executed and translated to a listener. I picked up production by being a musician, but it’s not like I just wanted to be a producer. I’ve always been a big movie fan, so scoring movies has been incredible. I consider it filmmaking – you’re telling the story through the music. The cool part about scoring is that there are zero limitations. The only limitations are what everybody agrees the feel of the movie should be. You can do an entire movie on zither, if that’s what everybody agrees the film needs.”


1. Harder Than You Think – Public Enemy
2. I Am The Police – David Sardy
3. My Evil Is Big – David Sardy
4. “Hey! Love – The Delfonics
5. Follow Me Into The House – David Sardy
6. Heroes – David Sardy
7. Hold The Baby/You Can’t Live Without Her – David Sardy
8. Lisa’s Coming – Latin Rascals
9. Take Care Of Janet – David Sardy
10. Minivan Tail – David Sardy
11. Alley Escape – David Sardy
12. Funeral – David Sardy

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