Soundtrack: Stark Trek Into Darkness



Rating: ★★★☆☆

Met veel plezier keer ik samen met Kirk en Spock terug naar het ruimteschip Enterprise. Ook componist Michael Giacchino vliegt weer mee met Star Trek Into Darkness. Zijn aanwezigheid hoor je vanaf de eerste noot, zo herkenbaar is de aanpak van Giacchino. Die herkenbaarheid is van groot belang:

A lot of action scores nowadays, you could almost relive any movie by listening to them. For me, it was important to relive that specific film. I love that there are themes attached to characters, places and things. So you can listen back and go, ‘Oh, that means the Enterprise is here,’ and tell that story again in your head by just using your imagination. That was huge for me as a kid and that’s just the way I went when I started writing music.

Varèse Sarabande

De score bevat alles wat een soundtrack voor deze Into Darkness moet bevatten. Alleen wordt het geheel zwaar gedomineerd door een centraal thema. Net als in de soundtrack voor Iron Man 3 maakt dat thema alle andere muziek haast onhoorbaar of irrelevant. Behalve dan het nummer The Kronos Kwartet. Deze track steekt met kop en schouders uit boven al de rest.

De uitdaging voor Giacchino was vooral in het vinden van een thema voor het personage van Benedict Cumberbatch.

It was a very conscious decision to make that base sound different; then, from there, we were able to evolve to our theme for the character. I remember when J.J. heard it, he said, ‘Oh, it sounds English. That’s perfect!’ I’m not exactly sure what that meant, but in his mind it fit perfectly. I was just going for something that felt emotional and questioning as opposed to being so direct that it tells you what’s going on.

Dankzij de macht van Twitter hoor je in deze score ook een ode in aan de muziek uit de vroegere reeksen.

In [Into Darkness] I did sneak in one…there is a very short moment where I did sneak in one. The only reason I did that is that I had just finished writing and shut off my computer and said I’m done done. I went downstairs and went on Twitter and someone tweeted to me “Can you please use one of the themes from one of the old series in the new movie”…and I thought “OK, OK” and so I went back upstairs and there was one I always particularly loved…so that will be there for you to find.


1.Logos – Pranking The Natives (3:01)
2.Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (1:43)
3.Sub Prime Directive  (2:23)
4.London Calling (2:09)
5.Meld-merized (2:40)
6.The Kronos Wartet (5:25)
7.Brigadoom (3:41)
8.Ship To Ship (2:50)
9.Earthbound And Down (2:37)
10.Warp Core Values (2:56)
11.Buying The Space Farm (3:17)
12.The San Fran Hustle (5:00)
13.Kirk Enterprises (3:00)
14.Star Trek Main Theme (3:25)

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