Supercalifragilistic Classic Soundtrack: Kingdom of Heaven



Rating: ★★★★★

Tijd voor een nieuwe soundtrack die een plaats verdient in de eregallerij van Supercalifragilistic Classic Soundtrack. En deze keer is die eer weggelegd voor Kingdom of Heaven. Een ridderfilm van Ridley Scott uit 1995. Qua film niet meteen het beste wat de man ooit heeft gemaakt. Maar qua soundtrack is het alvast onvergetelijk. Met dan aan de componist van dienst Harry Gregson-Williams.


“Ridley had a very open mind about it all. He was full of encouragement and he left it open for me to discern the scenes I wanted to start with and then directed me from there. He was very clear about what he wanted to achieve, which basically related to the main character, the Orlando Bloom character, who starts off as very naive and pretty anonymous, while filmically the screen is filled with blues and whites while it is snowing constantly in northern France — very cold and a lot of blue light. Ridley therefore asked me to make the music as chilly as the footage, and to that end I used a consort of viols, which were basically forerunners of the violin, viola and cello.”

Hier en daar heeft Williams een loopje genomen met de instrumenten. Zo hoor je instrumenten die pas in de 17de eeuw bestonden, terwijl de film zich veel vroeger afspeelt.

“OK, so the viols are not absolutely authentic in terms of the date, but then neither are orchestras, and if I was only going to limit myself to 12th-century instruments, we would have ended up with pretty much a racket on screen. Viols have this rather coarse, edgy sound, played without any vibrato, and I decided they would be perfect for the beginning of the film. Look, this is a movie, and there are no prizes in Hollywood for being authentic. As long as something provides the listener and the viewer with the right feeling, that’s all that matters.”

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