506 f**** in Wolf of Wall Street



Er is de afgelopen tijd al heel wat te doen rond The Wolf Of Wall Street. De recente film van Martin Scorsese zou financiële oplichters verheerlijking. De slachtoffers van hun gesjoemel zouden in een hoekje geduwd worden. Misschien daarom dat Jordan Belfort afstand heeft genomen van de verfilming met Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jordan Belfort heeft via Facebook alvast laten weten dat hij niets van winst maakt bij deze verfilming:

As you can imagine, I am very busy right now, but I owe this post to all my loyal friends and fans who have supported me since the beginning: For the record, I am not turning over 50% of the profits of the books and the movie, which was what the government had wanted me to do. Instead, I insisted on turning over 100% of the profits of both books and the movie, which is to say, I am not making a single dime on any of this. This should amount to countless millions of dollars and hopefully be more than enough to pay back anyone who is still out there. I thought this was already public information, as I have already said it publicly numerous times, but apparently there is so much NOISE right now that it has gotten lost in the shuffle. So, again, for the record: I am not making any royalties off the film or the books, and I am totally content with that. My income comes from new life, which is far better than my old one. (Although I will admit the Quaaludes were kind of fun, at least in the beginning. Thankfully, they’re illegal! and impossible to find!)


Ondertussen hebben de mensen van Slashfilm uitgerekend dat er in de film van 180 minuten 506 keer het F-woord valt. Daarmee wordt het record verpulverd dat tot nu toe op naam stond van Spike Lee’s Summer Of Sam.

Aan THR heeft Scorsese ondertussen ook verteld wat zijn fascinatie is met criminelen.

“In many cases — not all — the pursuit of reinventing yourself in America is just something that ‘a confidence man’ [like Wolf’s Jordan Belfort] embraces. A confidence man takes your trust, takes your confidence and betrays you. And this is on all levels, whether it’s low-level street crime, a white-collar crime and even a crime in religious organizations. This is something that’s not going to go away if you don’t talk about it,” Scorsese said. “Your children are not going to stay clear of it. And God forbid that your kids do! Look, it’s out there. It’s about human nature. Certain social structures facilitate it and some don’t. Now looking at this unrestrained let me make this picture, you know? It’s different from, I don’t know, ‘Boardwalk Empire;’ when you’re dealing with the people in ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ you know what you’re into, you know? That’s that situation. But I think of the younger people. I think of the fact that yes, it’s funny — but the devil comes with a smile, you know? That’s the idea, you know? The confidence man’s got the charm! [laughs]”

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